Androids have the worst autocorrect

Me: I always wondered y u guys reached down ur pants and grabbed ur balls, but then I tried it and I was like oh thats y
Cody: its cuz we get wedgies and were fixing them but we live here so its ok
Me: thats not what i thought fuck so basically im j the friend who comes over and feels his balls up I guess
Cody: I guess

Y do ppl move so far awaywjsbsbsq

Before my bb sis became a raging cunt, she rly liked playing the piano. We had a grand piano in the great room which was j a couple steps from my bedroom. Shed practice every morning and wake me up that way. Sure id get mildly annoyed cuz I never got a full nights rest, but now that she stopped, I rly miss it. Id be ok w never sleeping again if she j came back to it. Ur a bitch rn steph but i love u always

Its easy to walk away when u have a clear conscience. If nothings ur fault then u leave nothing behind, so its as if this never happened right


Feel like ppl whos phones sound off for every single lil notification r the loneliest ppl


My least fav drive is to any gas station, cuz theres always one thats too close to smoke a whole cig in the car, but too far for me to not wanna :/